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Best Apps for Galaxy S6

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If you’re on this page, then you’ve probably bought or been gifted the awesome Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge by Samsung, if so; congratulations! It really is an awesome phone. Or perhaps you’re a veteran looking for new apps to install, whatever the reason, you’ve come to the right place!

Tap on the button below to view the current best apps for Galaxy S6.

Best Apps for Galaxy S6

How We Choose the Best Apps for Galaxy s6

The list of best apps for Galaxy S6 is chosen carefully and is determined by a wide variety of factors such as current app popularity, usefulness and overall reviews. The list includes apps from many categories and genres including games, widgets, office tools and other apps which are currently trending.

Both the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have very powerful hardware and processing capabilities, therefore the list of best apps for Galaxy S6 may contain some apps which are too power-hungry for older devices, so we only recommend this list for S6 owners and people who own similar phones.

Don’t be afraid to try new apps from the list of best apps for Galaxy S6, you have an awesome phone and you should definitely use it often. Many times people download a new app without knowing what it is and end up using every single day, I know I would have never started jogging if I hadn’t downloaded a random fitness app a few years ago when I got my first smart phone, so go on, download a random app from our list of best apps for Galaxy S6, and who knows, you might end up finding it rather useful!

S6 and S6 Edge

Another reason why smartphones and tablets are replacing PCs for every day use (don’t worry gamers, I know PC gaming is here to stay) is because they can do nearly anything a full blown PC can do, from spreadsheets and reading books, to tracking your heart rate and warning you of high stress, there’s an app for everything. You can even learn a language or take an online course for anything right on your phone!

Two of the recent apps that were on the best apps for Galaxy S6 list but dropped off to make way for better apps (but still deserve a mention!) are simpsons tapped out and summoners war, so be sure to check them out if you’re into games and have already tried all the apps on the list of best apps for Galaxy s6.

Whichever apps you decide to use, have fun and enjoy Samsung’s best phone to date!

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