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Camera Roll to Snapchat Updated

Camera Roll to Snapchat

Camera Roll to Snapchat has now been updated to work with the latest version of Snapchat! It has also been renamed to Gallery to Snapchat, and you can download it here. In addition to updating Camera Roll to Snapchat, we have also added a few new features such as the ability to greyscale images and we have removed the 200 friend send limit that was previously in place.

We have also changed the way emoticons work in the app, in addition to using the 100 or so emotes already availabe in the app, you may also download emoticon packs from the internet and import them into Camera Roll to Snapchat (or Gallery to Snapchat, as we have changed it’s name.) The app still has the ability to automatically save snaps which you view without taking a screenshot manually, however it will now create it’s own folder to store the pictures in, instead of the normal pictures folder. This feature was requested by our users and we’ve delivered. You can now also specify the amount of storage you want Camera Roll to Snapchat to use, and it will stop saving snaps automatically once this limit is reached.

In the next update we hope to add the ability to live stream to multiple users through the app just like you would with a webcam, and we are also working on a separate friend finder app which will let you find Snapchat friends based on location, gender and age, but this is a few weeks away at the least.

Camera Roll to Snapchat FAQ

Note: There already is a FAQ on the download page here, but we would like to address some questions we’ve been receiving about this particular update and future updates.

How can I import emoticon packs into Camera Roll to Snapchat?

  1. Download an emote pack from one of the hundreds of emoticon sites available on the internet.
  2. Log into Camera Roll to Snapchat and enter the settings menu.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the ‘Custom Emotes’ option.
  4. Locate the file and wait for the app to import the emotes.

How can I add greyscale and other custom features to my snaps?

Once you have chosen a photo or video you wish to send using the app, tap on the picture icon on the top of the screen, from there you may choose any filters available.

When will the friend finder app be ready?

The friend finder app is currently being worked on and will probably be released in the next few weeks. The iOS version will be released before the Android version as we have to work on them separately. This post will be updated when it’s available for download.

Are you affiliated with Snapchat?

We are not affiliated, sponsored or endorsed by Snapchat inc, Snapchat.com or the Snapchat app in any way. Snapchat does not condone the use of third party apps, so use them at your own risk.

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