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Dragon Mania Legends Hack – iOS & Android

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With nearly 10 million downloads, Dragon Mania Legends has quickly become one of gameloft’s more popular games on Android and iOS devices, and this is no surprise considering it’s one of their best games to date, with over 100 different and unique dragons to capture and train during your journey to become the next big Dragon Master, it will keep you playing and coming back for more.

With our Dragon Mania Legends Hack, you no longer have to spend hours grinding for gems, food and coins, as our built-in generator will take care of that for you with the tap of a button.

Features of our Dragon Mania Legends Hack:

  • Gem generator.
  • Coin generator.
  • Food generator.
  • Works on the client side, no chance of getting banned.

The Dragon Mania Legends hack is available to download below for both Android and iOS devices. Please read the instructions further down on this page in order to use the hack correctly.

Dragon Mania Legends Hack


Download for iOS

Download Dragon Mania Legends Hack for Android

Instructions – Dragon Mania Legends Hack

Step 1: Download the Dragon Mania Legends hack for your device from the download section above.

Step 2: Install the hack, and make sure Dragon Mania Legends isn’t running.

Step 3: While the game isn’t running, open the hack and wait for it to initialize.

Step 4: When the hack is fully initialized, click the Connect button in order to connect the hack with your game’s data files.

Step 5: When the hack is finally connected to your game, enter the amount of food, coins and gems you wish to generate, or tap the ‘max’ buttons to automatically generate the maximum amount.

Step 6: After you have selected how many resources you wish to generate, tap on the ‘Hack!’ button to start the hacking process.

Step 7: After a few minutes you should receive a popup that the hack was successful.

Step 8: You may now close the Dragon Mania Legends hack and enter the game normally. Enjoy your free resources!


What is Dragon Mania Legends?

DML is a game developed by gameloft, a popular game developer that makes great games for mobile devices. In Dragon Mania Legends, you are a dragon trainer on your way to becoming a dragon master. You must collect, breed, feed and train a plethora of different dragons in order to defeat dungeons and other players in the arena.

Is it only available on mobile devices?

Unfortunately at the moment as far as we know the game is only available for Android or iOS, and we doubt that gameloft will port it to windows anytime soon, but you can always hope for the best!

Can the Dragon Mania Legends hack get me banned?

The hack only modifies files on the client side and does not interfere with how the game works or with the game’s servers, therefore it’s impossible to be detected unless you specifically go tell someone that you’re hacking, in that case they may report you and get you banned, so stay discreet!

Do you plan to add more features to the hack?

Right now there really isn’t much more to add, as a coin, food and gem generator can basically allow you to do or buy anything you want, but please don’t hesitate to send us suggestions which can use the make the hack better, we always love receiving fan mail!

I got a popup saying there’s an update, is it necessary?

Yes, you should always update the hack when there’s an update available, because the update could be essential for the hack to work especially when there’s a new version of Android or iOS which we are specifically updating for.

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