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Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack – Android & iOS

Dungeon Hunter 4 Diamond Hack

Many will agree that Dungeon Hunter 4 is one of the best things that has happened to RPG gaming on mobile and tablets in the past few years. Gameloft hit the nail on the head with fun gameplay, a compelling storyline and tons of items, armor and customization as every good RPG should have.

We’ve gotten many emails from fans asking us to create a Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack and we have finally delivered! By far the most requested feature was the function to hack gems/diamonds since these are so scarce and are required to buy some essential items, but we’ve outdid ourselves and added options for Unlimited Health and Unlimited Energy together with a gold and gem generator.

You can download the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack with all these features included for both Android & iOS below, and make sure to read the instructions at the bottom of this page in order to use the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack correctly.

Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Gems Dungeon Hunter 4


Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack for iOS


Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack – How to Use

  1. Download the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack from above and install it on your mobile device or tablet.
  2. After installing, open the hack and wait a minute for it to load. Tap on the ‘connect’ button to connect the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack to the game. (You need to have Dungeon Hunter 4 installed in order to use the hack, it doesn’t download the game for you.)
  3. When the game status says ‘connected’ you may go ahead and configure the hack. Tick the features you want to activate such as Unlimited Health and Energy, and enter the amount of gold and gems (or diamonds) you wish to generate if you’re using these features.
  4. When you’re done configuring the hack, tap on the ‘Hack Game’ button to the right of the screen and wait for it to work. The status will change to ‘Complete’ when it’s ready.
  5. Close the hack, log into the game and have fun!


Does my device need to be rooted, unlocked or jailbroken?

No, the hack has nothing to do with root permissions, it just interacts with the game files. You don’t need to root or jailbreak your device.

Does the Unlimited Health work in PvP too?

Yes, it works in both the arena and deathmatch battles. Though we urge you to be careful when using it in PvP as other players can report you for hacking the game and you may get banned. Don’t make it too obvious to other players and certainly don’t brag to random people about hacking the game.

Can I get banned if I use it only in PvE?

No, the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack is not detectable, they only way you can get banned is if you’re reported by another player.

How much gold and gems/diamonds can I generate?

You can generate as much as you want, however there is no point in generating millions at a time as you’ll have nowhere to spend them.

I use an emulator to play, can I use the Dungeon Hunter 4 Hack with an emulator too?

Yes, the hack works with emulators just like it works on any other device. Just make sure the game is properly installed before using the hack and that your emulator is updated to the latest version, and you should be good to go!

What’s the best class to play in Dungeon Hunter 4?

It doesn’t matter what class you play as long as you find it fun, the hack will make you immortal so health isn’t really an issue.

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  1. Finally a working one, thank you so much!

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