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Hearthstone Hack – Unlimited Gold & Dust

Hearthstone Hack

Hearthstone is finally available for both iOS and Android, so we’ve decided to port our old dust hack to mobile! We’ve also merged it with the gold hack to make it more convenient for people who want to use both. You can download the Hearthstone hack below, if you need instructions on how to use it, they’ll be at the bottom of the post along with a FAQ for new players.

Hearthstone Dust and Gold Generator


Download For Windows


Mirrors of Albion Hack for Android

Hearthstone Hack – Instructions

1. Download the Hearthstone hack for your device (Android or iOS.)

2. Start the Hearthstone hack and enter your battle.net email address, tick the features you want to use and enter the amount.

3. Click the “Start Hack” button and wait for the Hearthstone hack to work it’s magic.

4. You’ll get a small popup box confirming it’s done, and that’s it!

5. Remember to tap the update button regularly to check for new updates.

Hearthstone Unlimited Gold


What does the Hearthstone hack do?

Did you read anything on this page? 🙂 The hack tool will let you add unlimited gold and dust to your account, so that you may have a better playing experience.

Why would I need unlimited dust and gold?

Gold let’s you buy card packs and enter the arena as much as you want which is arguably the most fun part of Hearthstone. Dust will let you craft cards, and you need cards because you have to build a solid deck in order to complete in ranked mode.

Can the Hearthstone Hack get me banned?

No, as of the writing of this post the hack is undetectable and will not get you banned. However that is why it’s important to check for updates regularly, because if the app isn’t working due to a new patch, we will send out an update to fix it.

I installed the tool, but I got a blank screen when I opened it.

This happens sometimes and it’s a common bug, all you need to do is restart the tool and it should fix itself. If the problem persists, we recommend you re-install the app and try again.

Is this considered cheating?

Well it depends on how you look at it, people can technically get unlimited dust and gold if they spent enough real money on the game, so is a rich guy cheating if he spends a million dollars on Hearthstone?

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  1. works on my iphone thx. wish i found this b4 cuz i download 4 from others website that dont work

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