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Insta Message Eraser

Insta Message Eraser is a tool for Instagram which deletes sent messages from your Instagram account. Sometimes people send something by mistake and unfortunately there’s no way to delete it after you’ve sent it through the Instagram app, that’s why Insta Message Eraser was created.

App Features:

  • Deletes sent messages from your Instagram account.
  • Attempts to delete sent messages from the receiver’s account.
  • Clears your unwanted conversation history.





Step 1: Install Insta Message Eraser for your device.

Step 2: Open the app and select the “Delete Sent Items” option from the main menu.

Step 3: A list of your conversations will appear. Select which conversations you’d like to delete messages from.

Step 4: Tap the “Delete Item” button to the right of the message to attempt to delete it.

Step 5: Insta Message Eraser will attempt to delete the sent message from your account and the receiver’s account.

Step 6: To clear all of your conversations, select the “Clear Conversations” option from the main menu. The app will attempt to force delete your conversations.


Q: Does this app delete messages I sent to other users?
A: Yes, it attempts to do just that, however if the user has already read the message, there is little the app can do.

Q: I got a blank screen when opening the app, what’s up?
A: This can happen when you open the app while Instagram is running. Log out of your Instagram account before running the app and it should work.