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Jailbreak iOS 9 – Step by Step Guide


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Apple has recently released iOS 9 to the public and as with every new release, we’ve had thousands of requests to update Jailbreak King to work with the current version, and we’re happy to say that you can finally jailbreak iOS 9 safely, as the update is finally complete! We have also streamlined the jailbreaking process to make it more simple for people who have never jailbroken their device before, so it should be relatively easy to jailbreak iOS 9 if you have no experience with this sort of thing.

You can download the updated version of Jailbreak King below. Check out the step by step guide below the download section to ensure that you jailbreak iOS 9 successfully.


Download Jailbreak King for iOS 9

Guide – How to Jailbreak iOS 9

Step 1 – Download Jailbreak King by tapping on the download button above and verifying your device.

Step 2 – Install the app and grant it the permissions it needs in order to jailbreak your device.

Step 3 – Open the app and tap on the backup button, and create a backup of your device’s data to itunes. It is highly recommended you make a backup of your data in case something goes wrong. You may skip this step if you want to, but it’s not recommended.

Step 4 (Optional) – Switch your device to airplane mode and disable the passcode and “find my iphone” functions in your system settings. Again this step is optional, but recommended for a better success rate to jailbreak iOS 9.

Step 5 – Go back into the App and tap on the ‘Jailbreak’ button, a popup will appear asking you to confirm, select yes and wait for the app start working.

Step 6 – Your device will restart twice during the jailbreaking process so do not touch anything or switch it off before it’s done.

Step 7 – If you’ve followed all the steps correctly in your attempt to jailbreak iOS 9, your device should now be jailbroken!


Does jailbreaking my iPhone or iPad remove my warranty?

No, jailbreaking your device will not remove your warranty, in fact, if you restore your device using itunes the jailbreak will be reverted!

Can I get banned from the app store if I jailbreak iOS 9?

Certainly not, while jailbreaking isn’t actively promoted by apple, it’s not illegal or against the rules either, so the chances of getting banned from the appstore are zero.

How do I un-jailbreak?

Just restore your device using itunes and you’re set.

Jailbreak iOS 9

Will Jailbreak King work with the next iOS update?

When Jailbreak King stops working, we’ll make sure to update it as there’s plenty of demand for it, so if there was an update recently and the app isn’t working, check back in a few hours for an updated version!

What’s the purpose of jailbreaking?

When you jailbreak iOS 9, you open up your device to a wide range of features such as new themes and settings, access to apps and software which is not supported by the app store, etc.

My JB wasn’t successful, what happened?

There are too many factors to consider unless you name a specific error, try restarting your device right before you try to use Jailbreak King and set your phone to airplane mode – this will increase your chance of success.

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