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Jurassic Park Builder Hack – iOS, Android & Facebook

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Jurassic Park Builder is a great game developed by Ludia which allows you to create your own Jurassic Park complete with countless species of dinosaurs and attractions. The game is getting pretty popular due to the new Jurassic World movie which was quite a hit in theaters across the world.

The Jurassic Park Builder Hack was made in response to countless fans asking for a working hack tool to use with the game. We apologize that it took so long to make, this was due to the vigorous anti-cheat measures that are present in the game since it boasts various multiplayer features.

The most requested feature for the Jurassic Park Builder Hack was the ability to generate coins and cash, but we went out of our way to please our fans so we’ve also added a crop and meat generator to the hack tool.

You can download the Jurassic Park Builder Hack for Android, iOS or Windows (Facebook) from the download section below. Please also read the instructions on how to use the hack, as well as the FAQ located at the bottom on this page.

Jurassic Park Builder Hack

Jurassic Park Builder Hack – Download

Download for iOS

Download Jurassic Park Builder Hack for Android


Instructions – How to Use the Hack

For Android & iOS:

  1. Download the hack application to your device and install it.
  2. Tap the Jurassic Park Builder Hack icon to open the hack. (Make sure the game is already installed on your device before running the hack or it won’t work.)
  3. Tick which hack you’d like to use (coins, cash, meat, crops) and enter the amount you’d like to generate (maximum is 999999.)
  4. Tap the ‘Apply Hack’ button on the bottom of the app screen, and wait for it to apply the hacks to the game.
  5. You can close the Jurassic Park Builder Hack after the success window pops up.
  6. Enter the game and enjoy your new items!

For Facebook:

  1. Download the hack and unzip the file to your PC using Winrar or any other zip file extractor.
  2. Install the hack to your PC and open it.
  3. Close the game if you’re currently playing it on Facebook.
  4. Run the hack just like you’d run it for Android & iOS.
  5. Close the hack after you get the success message and log into the game on Facebook.
  6. Enjoy!


Should I play the game on Facebook or Android/iOS?

If honestly depends on what you prefer. The games are exactly identical on all platforms so it really doesn’t matter where you play it. We made the Jurassic Park Builder Hack for all 3 platforms so that we wouldn’t have to pressure you into using a specific device.

Is this considered cheating?

It is kinda considered cheating, but since there’s no PvP in the game and you’re pretty much playing singleplayer with a few multiplayer features, you aren’t ruining anyone else’s game. As long as you aren’t ruining someone else’s experience it should be fine.

Can they ban my account for hacking?

Everything is possible but the hack itself is undetectable, the only way you can get caught is if you tell someone that you’re hacking and they report you.

The Jurassic Park Builder Hack is not opening when I tap the icon.

Make sure the game is not running while you’re trying to use the hack, as it could interfere with it and make it malfunction.

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