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King of Thieves Hack – iOS & Android

King of Thieves Hack for Unlimited Gold and Gems

King of Thieves is an awesome platformer and multiplayer PvP game which has been gaining popularity the last few weeks due to it’s fun and captivating gameplay. Let’s face it though, not everyone likes grinding for items, gold and keys. The newest version of our King of Thieves Hack combines our previous Gold and Gem generators and adds a third option to generate unlimited Keys, allowing us to enjoy the game to the full without grinding forever in order to enjoy the content the game has to offer.

The King of Thieves Hack is available for download for both Android and iOS below. We recommend that you read the instructions and FAQ before you download the hack in order to make sure you’re using it correctly.

King of Thieves Hack Android iOS

Download  King of Thieves Hack

Download Hack for iOS

Download King of Thieves Hack for Android

Instructions – How To Use The Hack

Step 1: Download the King of Thieves Hack to your Android or iOS device.

Step 2: Make sure King of Thieves is installed on your phone/tablet before running the hack tool.

Step 3: Once installed, tap on the King of Thieves Hack icon and wait for the app to start up.

Step 4: Give the hack a moment to detect the game and load. The status at the bottom of the screen should say ‘Detected / Installed’ in green text when it’s ready. Note: The game doesn’t need to be running for the hack to work, though if it is running, the hack will close it automatically to avoid malfunctioning.

Step 5: Select which hacks you’d like to use and enter the amount of items to generate, it currently supports gold, gems and keys.

Step 6: Make sure the anti-ban protection plugin is activated on the bottom left corner of the app, and you can also use a proxy if you’d like, though most people don’t and it’s fine.

Step 7: Tap the ‘Hack’ button and wait for the King of Thieves hack to work it’s magic on the game, you’ll get a message confirming when it’s done.

Step 8: Log into the game and enjoy!


  • I clicked on the download button and it didn’t work!
  • Sometimes our servers get overloaded and the downloads don’t work. Just try again in a couple of minutes and it should be fixed.


  • My friend told me I shouldn’t use hacks, it’s immoral!
  • As long as you’re not being a pest and ruining the game for other people, you should play however you enjoy to play. Using tools such as the King of Thieves Hack can make the game experience much better. Some people have busy lives and don’t have the time to grind all day just to have a couple of minutes of fun!


  • I got an error when installing the King of Thieves Hack. What now?
  • If this happens you should uninstall the hack tool completely, restart your device and install it again. Bugs happen sometimes and we work hard to fix them, but sometimes we miss a few.


  • Will using this tool get my account banned?
  • Unless you brag about hacking to other people and they report you for it, no. The hack tool is virtually undetectable due to the discreet way it works. The anti-ban protection plugin built into the hack will prompt you to update when there is an update available, we advise you to update as soon as possible as these could be essential for the plugin to continue working due to frequent game updates.

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