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Mirrors of Albion Hack – Gold & EXP – Android & iOS

Mirrors of Albion Hack

Mirrors of Albion is a hidden object game filled with intrigue, crime and suspense. You begin your adventure by travelling to a Victorian era London, there you’ll explore and complete quests by solving challenging and fun puzzles while moving forward on your main quest to stop the evil Queen of Hearts.

The problem is that gold and exp are pretty scarce and it takes a long time for a casual player to unlock everything. That’s why we have created a Mirrors of Albion Hack for both iOS and Android.

Mirrors of Albion Gold EXP Cheats

With this Mirrors of Albion Hack tool you can add as much gold and exp to your account as you require, this will allow you to play the game to the full without having to play for hours on end in order to unlock something. You can download it below, if you need instructions on how to use the Mirrors of Albion Hack tool, there’s a FAQ and instructions under the download buttons.

Download Mirrors of Albion Hack Tool

Mirrors of Albion Hack Instructions

If downloading on an iOS or Android device:

Step 1. Download the tool to your device.

Step 2. Open the Mirrors of Albion Hack tool and choose your device, or click the detect button to do it automatically.

Step 3. Choose how much gold and exp you’d like to hack.

Step 4. Tap on the Hack button on the lower right corner of the tool’s interface to start hacking. Make sure the Ban Protection and Proxy options are enabled to keep your account safe from banning.

Step 5. Wait a few minutes and check your account, your new gold and exp should be waiting!

If downloading the Mirrors of Albion Hack on PC:

Step 1. Download the tool to your PC.

Step 2. Connect your device to your PC, and open the tool.

Step 3. Select your device from the tool’s interface or click “detect device” for the tool to do it automatically.

Step 4. Choose how much gold and exp you want to add, and click the “Hack” button. Do not turn off the Anti-Ban Protection or Proxy options, these are there to keep your account safe.

Step 5. Wait a few minutes and open the game, enjoy your gold and exp!


Is Mirrors of Albion fun to play? What’s the game about?

It’s definitely a fun game! Especially if you like puzzle games and stories filled with intrigue, wonder and secrets. The game is about exploring and completing quests/missions, while uncovering hidden objects and intriguing secrets, and occasionally picking a fight with some London crime boss.

Why did you create a tool to hack exp and gold?

There are certain locations and items which cannot be unlocked in the game unless you have enough exp or gold to buy it from the shops, as a casual player myself I thought the game would be much more fun without these barriers, as I do not have time to play for multiple hours every day in order to unlock something!

Isn’t hacking the game immoral?

I don’t think so, as long as you keep supporting the company which makes the game. And as long as you aren’t ruining someone else’s game by cheating yourself, I don’t see anything wrong with using tools like the Mirrors of Albion Hack if they help you enjoy the game more.

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