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Pokecoin Generator v2.12 Updated – Pokemon Go Hack


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Pokemon Go players rejoice! The guys over at CBB have updated their pokecoin generator to work with the latest version of the game (it can be found here.)

The updated Pokemon Go hack has added support for iOS users and made a number of small changes to the interface.

How to use the hack

Step 1 – Go to the Pokecoin Generator webpage here.

Step 2 – Tap on the Pokeball and wait for it to detect your device, or select your device manually if it takes too long to detect it.

Step 3 – Choose the amount of pokecoins you want to generate using the pokecoin generator.

Step 4 – Enter your Pokemon Go username and tap “Generate Pokecoins.”

Step 5 – Wait for the Pokemon Go hack to generate your pokecoins and complete the process.

Step 6 – Spend your coins!

Pokemon Go Pokecoin generator


Does my device need to be rooted / jailbroken to use this Pokemon Go hack?

No, it does not.

I got an error when I tried to run the Pokecoin Generator.

Make sure your game is updated to the latest version and your trainer level is at least level 5.

Can my account get banned if I use this Pokemon Go hack / Pokecoin Generator?

We haven’t heard any reports of players getting banned for cheating or using one of the various Pokemon Go hacks available, maybe Niantic is too busy with other things to ban people at the moment but like with any game there is always a risk in the future.

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