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Summoners War Hack Updated! – iOS & Android

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The latest update we’ve been working on for the Summoners War Hack is finally complete! Numerous bugs have been fixed and many improvements made, along with the ability to generate Glory Points in addition to the usual Mana Stones and Crystals. Perhaps the best news for Android users: the annoying bug that made the hack crash half the time at startup on certain Android devices is finally gone!

The Summoners War Hack now also runs much more smoothly as changes have been made to the way it reacts to the Summoners War game. From now on the game will be closed automatically when you try to start up the hack, this ensures your account will remain safe from getting banned while also preventing data corruption.

You can download the Summoners War Hack below for both iOS and Android devices, however we urge you to read the instructions below the download section if it’s your first time using the hack.

Summoners War Hack iOS Android


Summoners War Hack for iOS

Download for Android

Summoners War Hack Instructions

Step 1: In order to use the hack you first need to download it and install it to your device from the download section above.

Step 2: After installing, tap to the ‘Connect’ section of the hack and wait for it to find the game’s install location and successfully detect it.

Step 3: When the connect status changes to successful, you may tap the to ‘Features’ section of the Summoners War Hack.

Step 4: At the ‘Features’ section, choose which hack features you’d like to activate such as Crystals, Mana Stones and Glory Points, and enter the exact amount you wish to generate in the boxes to the right of the options.

Step 5: After choosing all the features of the Summoners War Hack you want to use, tap the save button on the bottom of the screen and navigate to the ‘Start’ section of the hack.

Step 6: Tap on the ‘Start’ button to start the hack and wait a few moments for it to write the data to the game files, you should receive a popup message stating that it’s ready after a few seconds.

Step 7: You can safely close the Summoners War Hack after you get the popup message. Now you can launch the game normally and enjoy your hacks!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this considered cheating?

Yes, hacking is considered cheating by the game developers. But as long as you aren’t ruining anyone else’s game, go ahead and have fun! You can only get banned from the game if other people report you, so keep your mouth shut that you’re hacking and you should be good.

This game isn’t available in my country, can the Summoners War Hack install it for me?

Unfortunately, the hack cannot install the game itself, so you’ll need to install the game before using the hack. If it’s not available in the app store for your country, you may try using third party app stores, but even these sometimes don’t allow you to bypass country restrictions.

Summoners War Hack Changelog

Version 1.3:

  • Fixed crash bug at startup for certain Android devices.
  • Added Glory Points generator.
  • Further simplified UI.

Version 1.2:

  • Improved UI.
  • Added compatibility for more Android devices.
  • Ported hack to iOS.

Version 1.1:

  • Added Mana Stone generator.
  • Fixed empty interface bug.
  • Fixed unclickable menu bug.

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