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Summoners War – How to Get Free Crystals

What does every Summoners War player crave? Crystals of course! Crystals are essential to Summoners War as they allow you to summon more powerful monsters and buy some useful buildings and perks. In this short guide we’ll explain the easiest ways to get free crystals to aid you on your journey!

How to Get Free Crystals in Summoners War

Summoners War Free Crystals

Tip 1 – Download and use our recently updated Summoners War Hack from here. The hack allows you to generate an unlimited amount of mana, energy and best of all, unlimited free crystals! There’s nothing wrong with using hacks but of course not everyone will want to use them, so it’s up to you. This is by far the easiest way to generate free crystals though.

Tip 2 – Monsters in dungeons have a chance to drop crystals, so never let your energy go to waste. Even if you don’t feel like clearing dungeons, you can let your party clear lower level dungeons with the auto-battle option while you do something else.

Tip 3 – Complete all of your daily missions in order to obtain 10 free crystals every single day. These daily missions are very easy to complete and require just 15 minutes of gameplay, all you have to do is run 3 dungeons, fight 3 times in the arena, and summon & power-up a monster 3 times.

Tip 4 – Take note of the events which are currently taking place, because sometimes you can claim additional rewards such as free crystals from the events page once you reach a certain goal. The events icon is usually located on the right of the screen.

Tip 5 – Climb some arena ranks in order to increase the free crystals you receive every week. You don’t need to climb to the number one spot as that is hard and time consuming, but don’t stay at the default rank either, as the first couple of ranks are quite easy to achieve.

arena page

Tip 6 – Saving crystals = earning crystals. Don’t waste crystals on the wrong things such as refreshing the shop page or buying more monster capacity (this can be done by using mana stones.)

Tip 7 – Defeat your arena rivals every time they’re off cooldown. I don’t mean other players in the arena, but the computer controlled ones in the rival section of your arena page. Since they have different cooldowns, take note of which ones will be available soon as defeat them as soon as possible.

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