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Tap Titans Hack & Tutorial – iOS & Android

Tap Titans

Tap Titans is a new action adventure game for iOS and Android which has been steadily rising in popularity during the past few weeks. The game is centered around titans which you must battle and slay while you gain more levels and advance in the game.

Tap Titans Hack is a tool which can enhance your gameplay by giving you unlimited tap damage, unlocking all levels and giving you access to a Coin and Diamond generator. This makes the game quite more fun for casual players as there’s no need to grind for coins or diamonds, allowing you to unlock everything you need without playing for weeks.

The Tap Titans Hack is available for download below for both Android and iOS. There are also instructions and a FAQ at the bottom of this post so make sure to read them in order to avoid any confusion while trying to use the tool.

Tap Titans Hack Unlimited Coins Unlimited Diamonds

Download Tap Titans Hack

Download for iOS

Download Tap Titans Hack for Android

Hack Tutorial

Step 1: Install the Tap Titans Hack for your device using the download buttons above.

Step 2: Once installed, open the hack tool and give it a moment for it to detect your device and the game install location.

Step 3: After the game is detected, choose which Tap Titans Hack (or hacks) you want to activate. Tick the circles next to Unlimited Tap Damage and Unlock All Levels if you want to activate these hacks, and enter the amount of coins and diamonds you wish to generate, otherwise leave them at 0 if you don’t want to use them.

Step 4: Tap on the Start button on the bottom left side of the app, and wait for the Tap Titans Hack to hack the game.

Step 5: The hack will have worked when the whole progress bar turns green. You can now close the hack and open the game normally.

Step 6: Enjoy the game!


Is the hack available for Android devices too?

The hack is not yet available for Android devices because the game was released for Android just a few days ago, we are currently working on it and hope to release it pretty soon.

The Tap Titans Hack has been ported to Android and is now available. This took so long simply because the Android version of the game was released later than the iOS version. So we started work on the iOS version a few weeks before the Android one.

I got an error and couldn’t install the hack.

Make sure you’ve allowed your device to install third party apps from your device’s settings. If the setting was already turned on, restart your device and try to install the hack again.

I don’t play Tap Titans yet, should I? What’s it about?

Yes, you should! Tap Titans is an awesome action adventure game where you battle against titans using different tactics and features such as summoning powerful artifacts to enhance your weapons and abilities, tapping to unleash devastating attacks and hiring other heroes to battle titans (even while you aren’t playing the game!)

Will I get banned for using this hack?

The Tap Titans Hack works offline and there is no chance of it being detected. The tool will close the game automatically if it’s running when you start the hack.

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