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Traffic Racer Hack – iOS & Android – Unlimited Cash

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Traffic Racer is an endless arcade racing game where you race your way to the top while earning cash and upgrading your car for more speed and power. The game features 5 different play modes which are a ton of fun while also sporting beautiful 3D graphics and over 30 different cars.

Our Traffic Racer hack aims to enhance your gameplay experience by allowing you to generate an unlimited number of cash and giving you the option of unlocking all the cars available from the start of the game, allowing you to enjoy the game to the full without spending hours of boring grinding in order to unlock certain aspects of the game.

The Traffic Racer hack can be downloaded for iOS & Android below, the windows phone version will be coming in the next few weeks as it’s a little harder to port it to that platform. Please read the tutorial and faq before using our Traffic Racer Hack in order to prevent any confusion.

Traffic Racer Hack Unlimited Cash


Download for iOS devices

Download Traffic Racer Hack for Android

How to Use Traffic Racer Hack – Tutorial

  1. Download and install the hack for iOS or Android from the download links above.
  2. Make sure the game is installed on your device, but is not currently running, before attempting to use the hack.
  3. Open the Traffic Racer Hack and check the boxes next to the features you want to use (Cash, Unlock All Cars, or both.)
  4. If you’re using the Cash feature, enter the amount of cash you want to generate in the input box to the right of the option.
  5. Tap the ‘Patch Game’ button and wait for the hack to patch your game and add the requested features.
  6. The Progress bar at the bottom of the app will indicate when the Traffic Racer Hack is done patching.
  7. When the hack status changes to complete, you may close the hack and open the game.
  8. Enjoy!


I’m a Windows phone user! When will the hack be available on my device?

We’re working hard on adding support for Windows phones, and hope to release it in the next few weeks. The reason for it having such a long delay is because porting an app over to windows phone is not as easy as porting from Android to iOS, so we need additional time to rewrite some code.

Will I be banned from the leaderboards for hacking?

Our Traffic Racer Hack is undetectable so getting banned by detection is out of the question. The only thing that could get you banned is if you mention to someone else that you’re hacking, and they report you.

I got an error when trying to install it on Android. What gives?

You’ll get an error if you try to install the hack while the Traffic Racer game is running. This is for your own safety in order to prevent you from getting banned or suspended. Please close the game before installing the hack and everything should work correctly.

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