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WarFriends Hack – Unlimited Gold & WarBucks

Warfriends is a new multiplayer tactical action game from the makers of MDP. Your job is to create an unstoppable army and enlist your friends to your squad to fight along side you online as you wreak havoc and fill your enemies with bullets.

This Warfriends hack will hopefully make your game a better experience since you won’t have to spend money and time trying to gain warbucks and gold in order to have fun. Two versions of the warfriends hack are available, one for Android devices and the other for iOS, so make sure you download the correct one to avoid any problems or data corruption.


Download for iOS
Download Dragon Mania Legends Hack for Android

Instructions – Warfriends Hack

  1. Download the Warfriends hack from the download link above.
  2. Install and accept any required permissions.
  3. Tap on the new icon to open the hack app.
  4. Select which hack you’d like to use and the amount of gold or warbucks you want to generate.
  5. Tap on the start button and let the hack work it’s magic.
  6. When the hack informs you it is complete, close the warfriends hack and open the game normally.
  7. Your hacked gold and warbucks should be in your account.
  8. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

I installed the warfriends hack but when I open the app it stays blank.

Something probably went wrong during the install, as this happens from time to time especially when using an older iOS or Android version. Uninstall the hack and install it again and it should work.

I got an error 112 when I tried using the warbucks generator.

Same problem as the first question, something probably went wrong in install. Please reinstall.

Can this get me banned?

The hack is not detectable by itself but if you brag about it and people report you then you have a chance of getting banned.

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